No one understands the optimal positioning of travel insurance solutions and global assistance services better than AIG Travel.  Our clients benefit from our unique blend of extensive industry knowledge and diverse suite of proprietary and web-based technologies. 

Our flexible technology platforms support all major travel supplier channels, offer seamless integration and provide peak reliability. With over 45,000 distribution outlets worldwide, AIG Travel manages more connections to travel industry distribution systems in more countries than any other travel insurance provider. We make travel insurance distribution easy with minimal demand on client resources. 

And with our patented C3 technology, we provide clients with the ability to drive ancillary revenue performance and deliver value-added service to their customers.

File a claim online

AIG Travel’s claim filing website enables U.S. customers and their travel advisors (the claim filing website currently supports policies purchased in the U.S. only) to file claims online through a mobile device or personal computer. Watch our video to learn more:

Travel Guard® Travel Tracer Powered by NC4™ is an online travel risk management solution that gives clients the ability to track and manage the safety and security of their travelers worldwide. This comprehensive, configurable system delivers actionable information and intelligence that helps reduce risk wherever your employees work and travel, with the added reassurance of 24/7/365 access to AIG Travel’s medical and security intelligence and evacuation services. Available features include: 

  • Real-time incident tracking including health and security incidents around the globe. 
  • Daily Global Flashpoints keep clients informed of emerging world events that may affect travel and corporate interests. 
  • Pre-trip advisories are customized and sent directly to travelers upon booking. 
  • Alerts are targeted and relevant to traveler itineraries and company locations/fixed assets. 
  • Situation map provides the visible status of your travelers and expats, as well as incidents and emerging events worldwide in proximity to your traveler’s current and pending trips.

Contact us if you are interested in a demonstration or have additional questions. NC4™ is a Registered Trademark of NC4, Inc.

NC4™ is a Registered Trademark of NC4, Inc.