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Travel Guard® Global Expatriate Assistance Program

How we help Expatriates:

Individuals and their families who relocate internationally may face significant challenges during the course of their assignment or permanent move. AIG Travel developed the Travel Guard® Global Expatriate Assistance Services program to help expatriates be productive as soon as possible in the workplace and enjoy their new host country. This program is specifically designed to provide relocating individuals and their families access to valuable products and services to assist with their acclimation.

Our unparalleled expatriate services provide 24/7/365 access to a wide array of competitively priced personal insurance and financial solutions to help provide a smooth transition to the expatriates new life abroad. The lack of a local credit history makes it challenging for newly arrived expatriates to lease or purchase a vehicle, find affordable auto insurance, obtain a mortgage, credit cards, or acquire a mobile phone. The program is designed to help ease the transition to a new host location by providing vetted solutions to competitive insurance and financial solutions to global expatriates and their families to reduce stress prior to, during and after relocating. In addition, expatriates have around the clock global access to security, medical, travel and personal assistance services.

How we help Employers:

Attracting top talent and bringing the right people on board is important for any organization. In an emerging global job market where the need for talent has given multinational candidates the upper hand, attracting the best candidate for key positions is becoming increasingly more difficult for employers. By effectively managing international employees and positioning their organization as a top place to work, employers can leverage corporate appeal to attract top international candidates by supporting them with their relocation. Employers and HR leaders realize that a smooth transition to the destination is critical to the success of their relocated employees. Without a well-prepared relocation plan, the transition can cause expatriates to lose valuable time, money and workplace productivity while they attempt to locate affordably priced insurance and credit related products on their own.

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