Travel Insurance Claims
When you place a claim with AIG Claims, our responsiveness and passion for exceptional customer care will exceed your expectations.

Please review your policy document for details and instructions to submit a claim. Claims information by travel insurance policyholder’s country of residence can be found on the following links:


We will need certain documentation to process your claim. Please click on the appropriate claims information link above to learn information on documentations by claim type.

Medical records may be requested when the information we received from the doctor is incomplete. The records are reviewed by Claims for making coverage determination under the terms and conditions of the policy purchased

Please submit the e-ticket confirmation which provides the details of the booked airline travel arrangements, such as ticket numbers, record locator, travel itinerary, charges imposed, etc.

The review time for each claim varies, because our claims team does their due diligence to appropriately process each customer's claims case.

File a claim online

AIG Travel’s claim filing website enables U.S. customers and their travel advisors (the claim filing website currently supports policies purchased in the U.S. only) to file claims online through a mobile device or personal computer. Watch our video to learn more: