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Top gifts for the world traveler


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When it comes to international travel, there is a long shopping list of all the items a traveler needs. Depending on how long a trip is, he or she will need to fit different things into a suitcase or backpack. And for the adventurers who have just returned from a trip, we've included a few items for them too. With a suitcase full of souvenirs and pictures, they need a way to showcase their favorite memories.  Whether just about to embark on a trip or just coming back, here is a list of gifts for the world traveler:

1. A Notebook
It requires no charging cord, only a pen or a pencil. There are a number of different types of journals to choose from, so you can get your traveler a gift that really reflects his or her style. For foodies, there are wine and chocolate journals from Moleskine that help them track their favorite restaurants and dishes while staying in a new city.

2. Skype credits
Touching down in a new city like Dublin or Barcelona is exhilarating. However, it can also be overwhelming. If someone you love is traveling around major holidays, help fend off homesickness with a call from home. Most phone plans make international calls expensive, so Skype is an ideal alternative to reaching out to friends and family back home. Plans range from pay per minute to flat-rate; International phone plans have a monthly rate.

3. A tour book
Tour books can offer a general overview of a new city, featuring typical tourist hotspots, or they can cater to a particular audience. Time Out offers an all-encompassing look at popular international destinations and even circulate weekly magazines for you to read. Off Track Planet makes a guide for travelers looking to explore on a budget with a focus on a city's nightlife.

4. A comfortable pair of walking shoes
Preferably these bad boys are broken in - no one likes walking for hours on end while nursing blisters. Warmer weather climates beg for sandals with support. Blogger TravelFashionGirl lists her favorite sandals with the best support on her blog.

What about for the newly-returned traveler? For the tourists that have just returned home, they need some fabulous gifts to help them show off their jet-setting adventure. Here are some unique gift options for them:

1. Scratch off map
For friends who have a frequent case of wanderlust, this map lets travelers scratch off each country they've visited. As they visit more countries, their map becomes more colorful. Hanging it in the living room is a great way to start a story.

2. Customized photo box
Artifact Uprising makes gorgeous pine boxes and prints your favorite images on the cover. They serve as a gorgeous reminder of a previous trip - and might even inspire another case of wanderlust.

3. Cookbooks from local restaurants
Many chefs from cities like London, Barcelona and cities like San Francisco and New York have risen to international acclaim, leading them to create gorgeous cookbooks. Many of these cookbooks, like the Wahaca cookbook from the popular London restaurant of the same name, feature recipes and stories from inside the kitchen.

Keep your adventurous spirit alive with these gifts and enjoy the holiday season!

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