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Top Foodie European Getaways


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The best way to learn more about a city's culinary scene is to eat at its restaurants and food stands: Where else could you try the local delicacies? Some European cities, like Paris, with its endless patisseries and roadside wineries, have rightly earned their title as foodie havens. However, Europe is full of so many more food-centric cities to explore! Maybe you've already explored the City of Lights - or perhaps you are up for more of an adventure for your palette. Here are a few more cities to eat your way through:

1. London, England
England is known for their heartwarming savory pies. In recent years, the English food scene has exploded. Walk through the food markets just off the London Bridge stop or wander down Brick Lane to find food stands rich with international influences. Travelers with a sweet tooth will fall in love with London's dessert scene. Pastry chefs and bakers are becoming more creative with their sweets, delivering inventive takes on classic Victoria sponges and Eton Messes, a layered dessert with fresh strawberries and cream.

2. Zurich, Switzerland
Switzerland is more than just a snow-white skiing destination. It's also full of hearty savory dishes. For lunch, you can try veal and mushroom ragout, one of the city's staples, according to BBC Good Food's site. Be sure to save room for dessert! The Swiss revolutionized chocolate making back in the 1850s and have continued to create truffles and bars that will leave your mouth watering. Taking a walking tour, like Kerrin Rousset's Sweet Zurich, will take you behind the scenes of the top chocolate shops.

3. The Loire Valley, France
Wine lovers will find plenty to adore in this pocket of French countryside - it has over 4,000 wineries to choose from, noted While Bordeaux is known for its big, bold red wines, the Loire offers a full spectrum of wines, from white to red to sparkling. Sip on a glass of Chenin Blanc and feast on local cheese with a baguette for lunch. During the the summer months, enjoy a glass rose, when production hits its peak. Red wine drinkers will love trying a bottle from Chinon, a hidden gem.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark
Adventurous eaters will love to try classic Danish dishes, like pickled herring served on rye bread. However, Danish chefs are also known for creating hearty meals that pair perfectly with the local beer. More recently, fusion dishes incorporating Asian influences have appeared on menus here. The reason, according to Travel and Leisure writer Francois Dishchinger, is because many of the chefs have worked abroad and enjoy incorporating international flavors into classic Danish dishes at home. This is a great place for foodies that fantasize about one-of-a-kind main courses.

Make sure to bring your appetite when  you visit each of these cities - and be sure to leave room in your suitcase for snacks to bring on the return trip home!

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