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How to make business travel more enjoyable

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Traveling for business may be an unavoidable aspect of your job, but that doesn't mean you can't make things more enjoyable. Even if your trip is just an hour or two long, there are still opportunities to make the entire experience pleasurable. Here are a few ideas:

Find ways to reduce stress
Business 2 Community found that the best means of making traveling for business more enjoyable is to eliminate the things that can cause anxiety or headaches.1 This starts by being a little proactive. Try to schedule extra time into your itinerary to allow for long lines at the gate or a delayed flight. Likewise, use your smartphone to check in before hand and to manage travel or hotel reservations as you wait for your flight. Getting a good night's sleep, eating well and maintaining a positive attitude can also be beneficial to minimizing negative feelings. Getting sick can complicate travel, while heading to the airport with a negative attitude will certainly perpetuate any signs of stress or anxiousness. Pack a light snack, remember to hydrate and do your best to stay positive.

Prepare some entertainment
An obvious but perhaps overlooked way to make your business travel more endurable is to have some personal entertainment on hand. Even though many airlines offer free movies, TV or music, it makes sense to leave nothing to chance. Without overlooking any preparation needed for your upcoming meeting or presentation, spend a bit of time making sure your computer or smartphone is loaded with goodies like a favorite podcast or new album. Even packing a crossword or Sudoku puzzle can be a useful way to make your flight a little more enjoyable. Check what options your airline offers and see what else you may need to bring along.

Look for upgrades
Anyone that frequently travels for work should be enrolled in rewards programs offered by airlines, rental car companies and hotels, according to the Travel Channel.2 This can lead to all sorts of savings, perks and upgrades that can make flying significantly more enjoyable. Make sure your memberships are up-to-date and be sure to ask about any offerings when you arrive at the airport. This may include priority boarding, a hotel upgrade or even just a complimentary beverage or movie while in flight. Do a bit of research to see what sort of items are available to you when you travel, as this can go a long way toward making your trip more relaxing.




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