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Essential items to carry on any flight

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Whether you're hoping on a quick flight for a short business meeting or heading across the globe for a week-long trip, there are certain items that can ensure your ride is comfortable and enjoyable. Make sure your carry-on bag is full of these essentials.
A good pair of headphones
As Thrillist reported, having a reliable pair of headphones is important for any flight. Not only are these necessary for taking advantage of any in-flight entertainment, but you can also plug in to a personal device and listen to your own music, movies or podcasts. They may also be an essential tool when trying to fall asleep, and noise-cancelling headphones allow for maximum comfort.
A light jacket
Nothing makes a flight drag on like shivering in your seat, and packing a light jacket is a way to control your body's temperature. Likewise, being too warm can lead to nausea and serious discomfort, so dressing in layers is your best bet. Board the plane with a sweatshirt or zip-up so you have options once you're in the air.
Something to read
Not only is bringing a book or e-reader a good idea for catching up on some reading, but because in-flight entertainment can be disrupted by take-off, landing or turbulence, having something of your own to amuse yourself can be a life-saver. If you're traveling for business, you may do research for an upcoming meeting, or simply unwind with a favorite book or magazine.
Slip-on shoes
Dressing up for a flight has become a little outdated, and nowadays most folks opt for an outfit that maximizes comfort. Even if you still prefer to wear something a little nicer when traveling, it makes sense to chose a pair of shoes that isn't too stiff and can be removed if needed. Flying can cause your feet to get swollen, so especially on long distance trips, having the ability to let your feet breath for a little can be very helpful.
Your essentials
USA Today found that because there is always a risk your checked bag will be delayed or misplaced, having all of your most important items with you during the flight is key. This means keeping your wallet, passport, medications, important reservation documents or anything else either in your pocket or in a carry-on bag. This way you can still pay for a cab or get to your hotel, even if your luggage is lost in transition.
Water and a snack
Flying can lead to dehydration, which in turn can make you feel sick or uncomfortable very quickly. For that reason buying a drink or filling up an empty reusable water bottle once you get to your gate is a smart move. A flight attendant may not be able to serve you during certain parts of your trip, so having something close by can make a big difference. The same is true when it comes to packing a light snack. You can avoid getting hungry or cranky while in the air and focus on enjoying yourself.

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