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Eight street foods from around the world

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Any well-seasoned traveler knows that the heart and soul of a culture can be found beyond the walls of famous palaces and sometimes-stuffy museums. Instead, the best way to learn about a new city is to grab a bite to eat on the street. Here, the flavors and styles of a nation really come to light, much to the benefit of hungry visitors. Check out some of the best known street foods from around the world:

1. Banh mi from Vietnam
On the corners of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi and across Vietnam, banh mi is the food of choice when it comes to a quick meal. A thin, crispy rice baguette is smothered in spices and topped with pickled carrot and diakon. Rough Guides reported that pork belly, chicken and other meats are added next, making this a deeply satisfying snack or meal.

2. Poutine from Canada
The essence of a late night in Montreal, poutine is a heap of french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds. While this is sure to satisfy even the biggest appetite, be careful, as this can be a messy treat to enjoy.

3. Chicken 65 from India
Though the origins of this dish aren't entirely well known, this is still one of India's most delectable street foods. Spicy, deep-fried chicken swimming in sauce is perfect for a day of exploring and captures some of the flavors that make India so unique.

4. Currywurst from Germany
Found throughout Germany, this is a classic pork bratwurst sliced and covered in curry sauce. Like Chicken 65 in India, the origins of this meal aren't entirely clear, but, all the same, visitors and native Germans alike can't get enough of this stuff.

5. Bunny chow from South Africa
Though no rabbits are actually contained in this dish, it has still spread across South Africa like mad. A bowl of bread is filled with Indian spices, lamb, chicken or beans and smothered in gravy. Carrots, onions and other vegetables may also be served with bunny chow.

6. Koulouri from Greece
Though Greek cuisine is renowned for its many meats and kabobs, koulouri is actually a breakfast bread. A staple breakfast item for Athenians on the go, it may be covered with cheese, chocolate, cream cheese or other goodies. The Guardian reported that some koulouri is made with traditional Greek olives as well.

7. Biriyani from Iran
In the old capital of Persia, Isfahan, visitors can enjoy biriyani, a delectable cut of lamb stewed in secret sauces before being grilled over an open flame. Served alongside buttery rice, this dish may need to be followed up with a mid-afternoon nap.

8. Batidos from Cuba
Though some of the world's street corners are haven for juicy meats and savory treats, sometimes the best way to take in a country's culture is with a straw. Batidos are sugary fruit milkshakes that can be found throughout Cuba. This is a perfect treat to enjoy under the hot Caribbean sun and a way to sample some of the fresh fruit from around the island.

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