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Should you get dressed up for your next flight?

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It wasn't too long ago that it was expected to look your best when heading to the airport. The hyper-casual ethos of prioritizing comfort over rigid civility has slowly taken over, and nowadays it's not uncommon to see people of all ages board a plane in sneakers, sweatshirts and jeans. There are, however, still plenty of reasons why it is a great idea to get a little dressed up before your next flight, especially if you are traveling for business. And as the business community overall has become a bit more lax with dress codes, there are many more options for both men and women to don an outfit that is both polite and composed but also comfortable and relaxing. For that reason, you may want to consider planning a stellar outfit ahead of your next business trip.

Look good, feel good
As Bustle pointed out, one of the most alluring reasons to get a little dressed up for a flight is to simply feel good about yourself.1 This is especially important heading into a big presentation or when meeting a new or potential client. You want to be mentally prepared, and pulling one of your favorite outfits out of the closet can help you start to build confidence and momentum.

Opportunities for an upgrade
Getting dressed up for a flight may have more tangible benefits, according to Business Insider. When AirfareWatchdog's George Hobica asked a gate attendant about upgrade policies and procedures, Business Insider reported that the response suggested looking nice can make a big difference. "The better dressed you are, the more likely you are to nab that seat," The agent told Hobica. "I am not going to put someone wearing flip-flops up front with our best customers."2 Different gate agents and airlines will of course of different rules for seat upgrades, and wearing a tie or nice blouse doesn't automatically qualify you for any perks. That being said, looking sharp can have unexpected benefits.

Traveling light
There are strong logistical reasons for getting a little dressed up for a flight, especially when traveling for business. If your trip is on the shorter side, you may only be packing sneakers and sweats for your flight, which can necessitate a larger suitcase. Having to check a carry-on at the gate is a real pain in the neck, and bringing extra sets of clothes may force you to bring along a bag that is too large to fit on a crowded flight.

Traveling for business also means working with a tight time budget. You may have a well-crafted itinerary, but a flight delay or other issue could change your plans, and you could find yourself heading straight to a meeting from the airport. In that situation, finding time to change in a crowded airport bathroom or the back of a taxi can be embarrassing and stressful. Instead, wearing an outfit that is appropriate for business on the plane will give you peace of mind and flexibility.




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