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Packing tips to avoid checking in a bag

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Unless you're traveling for an extended period of time, you should do what you can to avoid having to check in a bag. Opting for carry-on bag not only saves you time and often even a bit of money. Likewise, it eliminates the rare but aggravating possibility of losing your luggage. Fitting everything you need into a small, single bag need not be difficult. Here are a few tips to use before your next trip:

Think ahead
As ABC News pointed out, being mindful about what you actually need on a trip can be a good way to uncover items to keep at home.1 For example, call your hotel ahead of time to learn about what toiletries will be available so you can know to leave your shampoo or even toothbrush at home. Think about what makeup or other hygiene products you may need, and see if a travel-sized version could make a difference.

USA Today stated that a soft bag is more flexible and is thus a better choice than a harder, boxier one.2 Next, you should consider the clothes you're going to need by checking the forecast. A warm front can negate the need for a bulky jacket, and taking along one fewer pair of shoes can also go a long way in your efforts to go carry-on-only. Opt for lighter materials if the weather permits, and try to select outfits for each day to eliminate wasted space in your luggage.

Pack wisely
Once you've honed in on a few places to make cuts, the way you physically pack your bag is the next opportunity to make a positive impact. By being methodical, you can avoid mishaps. Be sure to place any items that you may want mid-flight at the top of your bag, such as a book or light jacket. Otherwise, place your clothes at the bottom of the bag.

Rolling any clothing is a great way to ensure everything fits into a single carry-on item. USA Today found that this also has the benefit of avoiding wrinkles. Jeans, t-shirts and other such items can become quite compact when rolled, and you may find you can fit a weekend's worth of clothing very comfortably in a small backpack.

Find hidden space
Avoiding having to check in a bag may require you to think outside of the box and be a little creative. If you have a pair of shoes or a jacket that is taking up a lot of space, consider wearing it onto the plane.
When packing, be sure to stuff socks into your shoes, and to leverage any pockets found on your bag. You may be able to fit all of your unmentionables in a side pocket, opening up plenty of space on the interior of the bag.




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