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7 Packing Hacks to Keep Travelers Organized

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By the time a destination has been picked, the flights have been booked and the itinerary is set in stone, most travelers are ready to kick back and relax. Before they can do that, however, there's one more mission that needs to be accomplished: packing.

Although some leave packing until the last minute, it doesn't have to be a painful experience. In fact, it can be downright easy if people know of a few tips and tricks. Here are seven ordinary objects that travelers can use to help their suitcases stay organized.

1. Straws

Savvy travelers know that the right accessories can make all the difference. Unfortunately, necklaces, bracelets and the like often get knotted in transit. Thread these objects through pieces of plastic straws to keep them neat. Even if travelers don't have specific jewelry boxes or pockets, they should be able to keep these adornments from tangling with other possessions.

2. Lip balm containers

Many travelers may find that lip balm is a necessity. The recycled air in plane cabins often dries out the skin and lips, so those who bring this one accessory could find some easy relief. However, even empty lip balm containers can be of service. Tubes can hide money and other valuables. Just be sure to remember which contain the important stuff so they don't accidentally get left behind.

3. Contact cases

One of the biggest obstacles to travelers is packing liquids. Airline restrictions prevent flyers from bringing large amounts of liquids or gels, and many wind up confused about the quantity of makeup and beauty products they can take. Rather than leave it to chance, travelers can take old contact cases and fill the wells with their lotions and gels of choice. This is ideal for a weekend trip or short getaway.

4. Buttons

Spare buttons may not have much use today, but fashionistas who want to keep their jewelry organized may find that buttons are extremely helpful. The holes are the perfect size for earrings or pins, making it easy to secure the jewelry. Not only will the pieces stay perfectly paired, but travelers can ensure they keep track of all items, even if they end up jumbled in a bag.

5. Plastic wrap

Want to prevent spills or accidents occurring inside a bag? Let plastic wrap do some of the work. Before packing any liquids, unscrew the cap and cover the opening with a small piece of plastic wrap. Then put the lid back on and finish packing. Should anything cause the top to pop off one if these products, the tightly sealed plastic wrap will minimize the damage.

6. Shower caps

Shower caps may be a thing of the past, but travelers who have some on hand can use them to protect their belongings. A pair of shoes should fit comfortably into one of these head wraps, and the plastic lining of the cap will prevent any dirt on the sole of the shoe from getting on other possessions. Don't waste any leftover space, either: Fill empty shoes with socks and other small, unbreakable products.

7. Glasses case

Have some old sunglasses cases lying around? These protective boxes are good for more than guarding eyewear. Some travelers prefer to use them to keep chargers, small headphones and other electronic accessories together. Packers can either stuff multiple chargers in one case to save space, or employ several to organize phone chargers, camera cords and computer plug-ins.

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