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Six can't-miss cities for foodies

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As the world becomes increasingly connected, food remains one of the best ways to become immersed in a city's unique culture. From traditional ingredients and recipes to the latest in trendy cuisine, grabbing a bite to eat is an essential part of making the most of your travel. For foodies on the go, this pursuit is an imperative. Here are some of the cities around the world that boast the most exciting food scenes:

1. Bangkok, Thailand
Southeast Asia is known for its intoxicating aromas and spice markets, and in a city like Bangkok, dozens of flavors can be sampled. Whether you're interested in late night street food or a 5-star culinary experience, Bangkok has it all. Business Insider stated that Mahachai Road in particular is an excellent spot for trying out all sorts of fresh foods.1 Grab some Khao Pad or Som Tam for lunch or pick up a few ingredients to whip up something new back at your apartment or hostel.

2. New York City, U.S.
The Big Apple is a foodie paradise, because you can find almost every culture represented in such a small area. For that reason, you can sample just about any flavor or style, even if you spend just a weekend in the city.
At the same time, New York City has its own set of emblematic food items. Giant slices of pizza and famous New York hot dogs can be found on pretty much every corner, while a classy New York steakhouse is its own experience entirely. There are also tucked away secrets like Koreatown or Curry Hill that have equally delectable food to try.

3. Montreal, Canada
Known for its European style and influence, Montreal has a distinct vibe different from other North American cities. This lends itself to many opportunities for fine dining, and indeed the city is full of excellent restaurants.
At the same time, Montreal has many local farmers markets to enjoy fresh produce and ingredients. For an indulgent treat, however, poutine can't be beat.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
As Thrillist pointed out, when it comes to a juicy steak, Buenos Aires is king.2 Paired with world-class red wine, the fresh beef is flavorful and delicious. At the same time, however, there is a striking amount of diversity in Buenos Aires, and the city has increasingly found itself among the best locations for foodies on the planet.

5. Marrakech, Morocco
Because the city draws influence from Arab, African and European cultures, Marrakech offers an exquisite blend of experiences, and this is highlighted by the impressive array of foods and flavors. From traditional street markets full of spices and intriguing items to fine fusion dining, this city boasts a sensational array of culinary options.

6. New Orleans, U.S.
A unique food scene exists deep in the heart of New Orleans. Comfort food like chili and gumbo are best enjoyed with a side of jazz, and any number of restaurants and corner stands offer this wonderful blend of sensory delight. Even beyond the city, Cajun-style food can be found at neighborhood cook outs and other casual affairs




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