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4 Tips for a Family Friendly Vacation

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We've all heard the rumors. Once you start a family, your traveling days are over. Bound to your children, there's no possible way you can get out and see the world. You have responsibilities as a parent and it's just too difficult to find an accommodating location with inclusive options that everyone will enjoy, right?

To set the record straight, the vacations and fun trips around the world don't have to end once you become a parent. On the contrary, a family vacation can help bring you and your kids together, expose everyone to a valuable cultural experience and provide a much needed change of pace for all involved? Your planning may need a little retooling, but taking the whole family on a trip is worth the extra effort.

1. Get the whole family involved

Heading to a faraway place with your familial entourage takes a little tact. You don't want to head to a place filled with mingling couples and younger debaucherous crowds. That could make everyone a little uncomfortable. At the same time, you may not want to go to a purely family oriented place either. It's important to research your options for the most family friendly locations with a few unwinding options for the parents, too. According to NBC News, it may not be a bad idea to get the kids involved on the decision process. Getting their input can help make sure everyone has a personal investment in the voyage.

2. Pack as little as possible

Of course you want to bring your youngest family member's favorite toys so he doesn't fuss during the trip, but you'll have to draw a line somewhere. Lugging around a slew of suitcases can be a nightmare, especially when extra baggage fees get involved. Do your best to encourage your kids to take only the essentials, Working Mother Media suggests. The point is to enjoy the new sites and vacation activities, not to stay in the room playing with the same toys from home.

3. Get some alone time

While you're shopping for vacations, make sure there are options that can help separate you and your spouse from the kids. Everyone can use a little alone time, and what's a vacation without a little time away from the family atmosphere? Look for places with safe and fun activities geared toward the kids or even daycare services. Whether you use the time to catch up on some reading or go out to a romantic dinner, you and the kids will both appreciate the downtime.

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