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3 Tips for Using Public Transportation Abroad

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Public transportation is a great resource for travelers. Often, it can get you to every important landmark for only a small fee - something that's great for adventurers on a budget. Taking the bus or train in a foreign country can be intimidating though. Use these three tips to help you navigate while abroad.

1. Prepare

If you know you'll be taking advantage of public transportation, it's a good idea to do some research before you leave for your trip. The travel blog, WeHostels, suggested getting a good map that shows all the different routes and maybe even includes a schedule. You can use it to plan ahead of time and consistently throughout your trip. Write down where major landmarks are in relation to subway and bus stops. When you set off on your sightseeing, you'll feel more comfortable and confident.

2. Pick the right ticket

Rick Steves noted that many cities offer a variety of ticket options, from weeklong passes to single rides. Determine what will be most useful for your trip and purchase your pass accordingly - if you plan on using public transport throughout your whole trip, it's less expensive and easier to go with a multi-ride ticket.

3. Sit up front

If you can, position yourself at the front of the train or bus. You'll have an easier time exiting, and you're also in a better spot to ask the driver any questions you may have, noted the WeHostel blog. Don't be afraid to talk to him or her - even if you don't speak the local language, it's a good idea to confirm the destination when you board. Simply say the name of wherever you're headed. While they'll most likely understand you, the source noted that it's also a good idea to write down some directional phrases in the native tongue, just to have on hand.

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